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Updated 25th of June, 2023

Dear Homeowner,

We get it.

Switching to solar is hard. Really hard.

You're probably worried about how much it will cost, how well will it perform, or even how often you'll need repairs.

Stressed and sleeping like a teething two-year-old.

As your hair starts to rapidly turn gray from all the uncertainty.

And to top it all off..

Somehow, you have to decide which of the 47 solar companies in your area you want to work with.


Should I work with Steve up the road? He gave me the lowest price quote..

Or maybe Doug? The neighbors got theirs done by Doug and they seem to like it..

What about XYZ Solar Company? They've got 4.4 stars on their goole review..

And who has the best warranty?

Oh but I can't forget about customer service!

Errrrrbody's talkin' about build quality... maybe I should start there?

Ah, got it! The sales guy at ACB Company was the nicest.

Yep! That's it!

They're just who I need to get this thing moving!

*somebody please pull out my eyelashes

Look, most people shopping for solar end up checking out 2-3 companies and then picking the one with the lowest price.

And they end up with (hopefully), a decent outcome at a decent price.

But they never really KNOW..

They never know if they got the best price..

The best quality panels and batteries..

The best warranty..

They don't know if the company emotionally abused their shingles..

They don't know if the panels will last or have a shelf life equivalent to warm milk..

They don't know what will happen if they need an issue resolved..

Will the company honor their warranty? What if it's 15 years from now? What then?

Life already gives us so many unknowns.. why deal with these?

We've got good news for you...

Cause soon you'll having thoughts like this:

"Hey, I do KNOW."

"I know I got the best deal"

"I know I got the best equipment"

"I know I got the best warranty with the most trusted company"

You'll be sleeping like a friggen baby KNOWING you made the right decision.

Regardless of what Karen up the street told you.

And you won't have to spend your precious mental resources going over the scenario again and again.

Everything will be taken care of for you.

You'll be smiling and at peace with your decision.

And it all starts by clicking the button below...

*cue angels singing

How Does It Work?

Our Signature 9 Point Vetting Process (In no particular order):

  • Quality of Service

We evaluate the company's track record and reputation for providing high-quality solar installations and services. Look for customer reviews and testimonials.

  • Experience & Expertise

Consider the company's experience in the solar industry and their expertise in designing and installing solar systems.

  • Warranty & Maintenance

Assess the company's warranty offerings and after-sales service for solar systems. Look for comprehensive warranties and ongoing maintenance options.

  • Pricing & Financing Options

Compare the company's pricing with other providers in the market. Evaluate their transparency in pricing and inquire about available financing options.

  • Product Selection

Assess the range and quality of solar panels and other components offered by the company. Look for reputable brands and advanced technology.

  • Customer Support

Evaluate the company's responsiveness and availability to address customer inquiries and concerns. Prompt and reliable customer support is crucial.

  • Installation Timeframe

Inquire about the estimated timeframe for the installation process. A reliable company should provide a realistic and efficient installation schedule.

  • Reputation & References

Research the company's reputation in the industry and seek references from past customers. Positive feedback and satisfied customers indicate a trustworthy provider.

  • Licenses & Certifications

Check if the company holds the necessary licenses and certifications required for solar installations in your region.

Once we have vetted a company based on the 9 above criteria, they earn our Solar Connect Certification:

We Then Recommend These Companies to you!

Providing Value To Consumers Without Increasing Prices.

Simply put, our services don't cost you a dime. This means you'll get the best deal on solar without paying a premium.

  • Best solar prices in the industry

  • Fast & Reliable installation

  • Industry leading quality

  • Hassle free

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